Can I see some examples of your work?

You sure can!

I’ve selected some samples below to give you an idea of the range and quality of my work. Because of commercial in confidence, I cannot make all of my work publicly available. If you would like to discuss other types of work I’ve done, feel free to contact me.

Click on the logos below to access each PDF document/website. For desktop/laptop users, the document will open in a new window. For mobile phone users, clicking on the link will automatically download the PDF.

Structural editing, co-writing and co-editing

Submission to Royal Commission for Magistrates’ Court of Victoria
(1.2MB PDF)

Editing and co-writing

Annual report for Engineers Without Borders Australia
(6.2MB PDF)


Thesis copyediting for Emma Lynas, PhD Candidate, RMIT University
(29MB PDF)

Designing, writing and editing

Information sheet for Neighbourhood Justice Centre
(part of Magistrates’ Court of  Victoria)
(775KB PDF)

Researching and writing

Peer-reviewed report for the Australian Institute of Criminology
(197KB PDF)


Strategic plan for the Neighbourhood Justice Centre
(part of Magistrates’ Court of Victoria)
(6.7MB PDF)


Copywriting and editing for Kerdo Legal’s website and blog