How much will this cost?

Every piece of writing is different and requires a different level of editing. Some writing just needs a little finessing or a manicure while – let’s face it – occasionally you’re looking at a deep-tissue massage and a new haircut.

I can provide a quote for your specific project based on either a  sample edit (for a small fee) or by reviewing your document and discussing your particular needs.

I do not offer a set price per word or page because the amount of work required to edit documents varies considerably, and under or over quoting isn’t good for either of us.

My prices are reasonable and I offer a discount to students and not-for-profit organisations. Simply get in touch via my contact page to get the ball rolling. Easy peasy.

Suggested editing rates
If you need a journal article or a thesis edited and would like some idea about expected costs before you make enquiries, the Institute of Professional Editing has information on its website about indicative costs of academic editing in Australia and hourly pay rates for self-employed editors so you understand what is considered a fair rate of pay in Australia.

If you’re after my writing services, I can provide a firm no-obligation quote for your particular project based on your specific requirements, including whether there is any researching or interviewing  required in addition to the writing, how many rounds of edits you want and whether you need a final proofread of the document after it has been through the design process.